Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Red Clay Survey Reception Trip

The Red Clay Survey is an eleven state southeastern survey of contemporary art held periodically at the Huntsville Museum of Art in Huntsville, Alabama. My piece, Domination Extinction, was one of the eighty pieces from a group of sixty-one artists that were selected for the exhibit by artists Janet Monafo and Paul Rahilly from the Massachusetts College of Art.
Domination Extinction: charcoal and pastel pencil on plywood. 7'H x 6'W x 2'D
While waiting for the opening reception to begin, we explored Huntsville, which is a gorgeous old city that NASA redefined. Part of its past, updated for today, is Lowe Mill, an old factory mill turned into three floors of studio spaces for artists, designers, and photographers. They also have a restaurant, the Happy Tummy, which serves the hottest Jamaican Jerk Tofu wraps in existence.
You can eat inside or out
checking a screen print in a printmaking studio
"My skirt's made out of a Damien Hirst Dot painting"
Ruth Ann Muirhead-Stephen's studio
Jim Jobe's studio. He had work in the Survey, and was one of  the primo artists located in Lowe Mill.
Yes! There were Number 71 issues all over town, and we don't even cover Alabama. I need to find out how they got there. I hope people read my East Tennessee Update. I focused on OK Mountain's exhibit at UTC's Cress Gallery. That was one exceptionally witty exhibit.
Stained glass and glass painting I guess? Impressive.
As with any large multiple studio space, you will see work that ranges from don't look, to wow, to WTF? What is micro-girl doing down there on the left?
Oh, I want this....but it costs almost as much as I spent on my van new. Maybe I can do a copy with some stuff I can rig up from Michaels and Party City. Crap. Not a chance. It is a Susan Knecht  http://www.susanknecht.com/ Drool.
This is the second time we had been to Huntsville, and for the second time half of their downtown streets were closed off. The first.time it was a St. Patrick's day parade. This time it was multiple bike races-kids bike race, and these guys going in Nascar circles. They had hay bales leaning against any sharp stuff they hoped they wouldn't collide with.
Indian Creek Canal  is a man made canal that dates back to 1831 that is totally landscaped all through downtown, and is stocked with every imaginable fish in every color possible.
Reception Time!! You can see all the artists and their info on the flip catalogue located on the Museum's index page: www.hsvmuseum.org 
Only one work per artist is there, however. I didn't see anything about camera policy, so I took some photos as I walked around. The reception was great- jazz band, good food, wine.

John Douglas Power's "Field of Reeds", a kinetic sculpture with video. In the background is a huge Gary Chapman painting-they both won awards which made me happy because they were two of my favorites there.

My multi-person piece from an angle on the left against the wall, David Marquez on the right-the same piece he had in Dogwood Regional three years ago. Leslie Nichols, who also has shown at the Regional was in this exhibit,which was great. They both came to the reception from Bowling Green, KY.
Maryville Collge professor Carl Gombert and his wife Anita with their youngest daughter-Carl won one of the three purchase awards! Those awards were made possible by the museum's most generous docents. The third artist representing the Knoxville area was Margaret Scanlan
A very cool plastic hanger sculpture from Miami, now Atlanta, artist Jose Gallo
Alexandra Sutton's self-portrait made of dirt from her ancestrial graveyard and glue. The artist is from Birmingham.
Andy Behrle's piece made from red clay and rust on metal. Behrle is also from Birmingham. Another award winner.
This is another very smart purchase piece, by Dori DeCamillis: "Thy Self, Thy Foe". It addresses the negative self esteem she had as a child, convinced she was the ugliest child in school. It is of course a gorgeous and amazing painting, and my absolute favorite painting in the exhibit, and is especially cool because the artist lost her negative self image long ago.
articles and reviews from the Huntsville Times:

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