Monday, December 19, 2016

Plywood drawing installations at: "Demographically Speaking, a Figurative Exhibition"

"Demographically Speaking" 

Loudoun House, Lexington Art League, Lexington, KY

Jan. 13 - Feb 11
People # 49, 50, 60 charcoal and pastel pencil on plywood  50"w x 72"H x 24"D

I've got three multi-piece plywood drawing installations going to the upcoming annual figurative exhibit at the Lexington Art League Loudoun House galleries. 
Opening public reception is Friday, January 27th
There will be a ticketed opening party Fri., Jan. 13th:
"Lexington Art League is excited to announce the return of our ever-popular figure show with this exclusive evening of art, music, and dancing. The Opening Preview Party for "Demographically Speaking, a Figurative Exhibition" will provide the first look at this evocative exhibition curated by Daniel Pfalzgraf, Chief Curator of the Carnegie Center for Art & History in New Albany, Indiana. Posing the question, 'whose stories are being told in the art world?' the new dimension and unique perspective Pfalzgraf brings to the traditional figure or nude show aims to provoke audiences to consider the diversity of our city, our region, and our country through stories of identity told through art. 

Demographically Speaking will feature music by Joslyn & The Sweet Compression and video installations by artist Nick Warner.

The Opening Preview Party is graciously sponsored by Marnie Clay HoloubekEnderle Besten Dieruf, PLLCQX.netWest Sixth BrewingMD-Update KY."

Friday, November 18, 2016

New Work at The Arts Company/Nashville

New Work at The Arts Company, Nashville, TN

November- December, 2016

The following work is available at The Arts Company in Downtown Nashville (One bock up from the Ryman Auditorium). I've also got a five page article in the November Nashville Arts Magazine.


Humans do things that amaze, entertain, and occasionally horrify me. If I documented them literally, I would probably have constant censorship issues. What if, however, I used food as a stand in for humans? Not only would it be amusing, it could even be delicious! Over the years, I have had pears enact Inquisition scenes, impaled maraschino cherries on nails, and had donuts enact the seven deadly sins and various fertility rites. My recent work involves allegorical narratives, driven by historical wallpaper appearing behind iconic contemporary baked goods and candy. A classic, regal French design is paired with a partially devoured Black Forest cake and decomposing flowers, and then appears again behind a King Cake, which is disgorging it’s Mardi Gras beads. A classic French Pastoral Toile print in a decidedly non-traditional color looms above a stack of artificially colored Moon Pies and junk food. A classic Asian Toile peopled with Godzilla and his fellow movie monsters sits behind a vast array of candy that does not appear to come from the natural world.

 Still Lifes, or Vanitas, which is the genre these works most closely fit in with, were originally domestic images containing items symbolic of life and death. The items in mine act out narratives.
Past Freshness Date   oil on canvas   4’ x 5’  
Post Atomic Candy  oil on canvas  36” x 36”  
18th Century French Pastoral Toile Culture Shock  oil on canvas 3’ x 6’ 
#130 Classic Coral Cream Glitter oil on panel  24” x 24”
Crazy Cakes #1 oil on panel  30” x 30”
Sticky  oil on canvas   3’ x 5’  
King Cake Glitter  oil and glitter on canvas  36” x 36”  

Hot, Smeared and Melted  oil on canvas
Continuing French Relations   oil on canvas   22” x 28”  
The Loss of Virginity  oil on canvas  36” x 48”  

Work on Wood

People 61, 62  charcoal, pastel pencil, metallic ink on plywood 47” H x 42”w

Urban Transition   26” x 42” x 2” archival ink on 3 layers of wood, metal, plastic  

The Exultation of the Quotidian   charcoal, pastel pencil, gold leaf and stones on plywood/  24” x 48”