Saturday, January 13, 2018

New Charleston Gallery!

Mitchell Hill in Charleston, SC

The gallery I had been showing in for years in Charleston, Atelier, has closed this January. 
I am now pleased to be with Mitchell Hill at 438 King Street, Charleston, SC!
The inventory I have with them at present is:

Flying Mangos on a Baroque Palace Ceiling  oil on canvas  40” x 60”
French American Relations  oil on panel  20” x 30”   
FD&C Red #40 Red Ribbon  oil on canvas   30” x 36”
Crime and Punishment in the Produce Isle  oil on panel  24” x 24”
Cult of Spring #2  oil on panel   30” x 30” 
Sink     oil on canvas   24” x 30”  
Green Tray Mangoes   oil on canvas  24” x 36”  
Hot, Smeared and Melted  oil on canvas 36” x 48” 
Cake VS Marshmallow  oil on panel   8 x 14 x 3” float framed 
Double Zinger  oil on panel  7 x 13 x 3” float framed 

People # 52, 53, 54  charcoal and pastel pencil on cut plywood 45" x 22"