Wednesday, September 26, 2018

"Anthropomorphic Cuisine" at The Arts Company

 "Anthropomorphic Cuisine" 

at The Arts Company 

Nashville TN, Opening reception Sat. Oct. 6, 2018

The following paintings are new work that will be available starting this October in Downtown Nashville.There will also be additional work of mine, plus new work by Dane Carder and Brad Sells.
The Debauchery of Versailles   oil on canvas 46” x 60
Oh Juicy!   Oil on canvas   30” x 30” 
Matching Dye Jobs   oil on canvas  30” x 30”  
Pink Gets Hot   oil on canvas   24” x 36” 
The Persistence of Pumpkin Spice  oil on canvas  4’ x 6’  
De-Appropriated Cultural Fusion    oil on canvas  4’ x 7’ 
Flamingo Overkill  oil on linen  30” x 30”
Whip Cream Splat   oil on canvas   36” x 48” 
Artisan Urban Sucrose    oil on canvas  24” x 24 
 Bauhaus Dali Does D├ęcor   oil on canvas   42” x 62     (Pre-Sold to the Huntsville Museum of Art)