Sunday, November 15, 2015

Solo Exhibit at Elizabeth Holden Gallery/ Warren Wilson College

Quantum Confusion at Elizabeth Holden Gallery/ Warren Wilson College

Nov. 2- Dec. 12, 2015

When a gallery has access to a scissor lift, installation will be easy
 My Quantum Physics conceptual installation Quantum Confusion has been re-invented at Elizabeth Holden Gallery at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina. I've deconstructed, changed, and added to this piece over a couple of years, and it is always different. The full scale charcoal on plywood drawings I produce are intended to be very flexible modular units, ready at a moment to be staged in any setting that demonstrates an idea or behavioral situation. 
Warren Wilson is a small college with an unimaginably gorgeous campus in rural east Asheville, NC, and has an excellent vegan dining commons and primo coffee shop. My time there was indulgent.
The exhibit also included class room involvement. (I always hope that the students get good marks on what they've written when this happens). I got to spend time talking to students and discussing my process. I brought in sketchbooks, and the battered remains of the marquette I made for the guide for how to construct this work, which involves hanging two sheets of 4' x 8' plexiglass from the ceiling to act as a portal for the multi-verse setting.
My battered marquette for Quantum Confusion.
Front view
side view
detail of plexiglass portal section

Friday, November 13, 2015

Upcoming Exhibit Inclusion/Drawing Discourse 2016, UNCA

7th Annual Drawing Discourse

University of North Carolina at Asheville,  S. Tucker Cooke Gallery
People # 49, 50, 51 charcoal and pastel pencil on plywood

People # 49, 50, 51 detail/ charcoal and pastel pencil on plywood

I'm excited to announce my three person plywood grouping People 49, 50, 51, will be in the 2016 international drawing exhibit Drawing Discourse, held at the S. Tucker Cooke Gallery at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. The exhibit will run from Jan. 15th - Feb. 12th.

Esteemed juror, Edgar Jerins, will be present and open the exhibition with a lecture about his practice from 5-6 PM in Humanities Lecture Hall on January 15, 2016; Drawing Discourse opening reception will be immediately following.