Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recent Exhibits: Plywood People

From fall '09 to spring '10 my plywood people have been going on road trips and having fun. Most recent is Modern Girls, Contemporary Tennessee Women in Art at the Custom House Museum in Clarkville. It is an invitational survey put together by Terry Jordan, curator. They just did an amazing job installing this exhibit. There is a ton of Adrienne Outlaw's work which added even more interactivity with viewers, but what is cool is that work that is interactive with viewers tends to be interactive with the work of all the other artists in the gallery.

URBhana 3

From Clarksville Online:

"Women’s History Month at the Customs House Museum is a special treat for the eyes. Opened on the second of March, Modern Girls is a show of contemporary works by Tennessee’s foremost female artists.
The exhibit includes known painters April Street, Edie Maney, Julia Martin, and Jennifer Utterback, woodturner Brenda Stein, installation artists Adrienne Outlaw and Sher Fick, award winning watercolorist Anne Bagby, multi-media artist Denise Stewart Sanabria, sculptor Irene Ritter and Annamaria Gundlach, and photographer Caroline Allison. Curator, Terri Jordan, says of the exhibit, “I wanted to focus this Women’s History Month on some of the talented women currently making their way in the art world, that have a connection to Tennessee."
I put in two new pieces that are part a Quantum Physics conceptual installation that is part of a group figurative exhibit this summer at the Ewing Gallery/UTK. , and an older piece, "Aaron".


panoramic gallery view

Nashville's 1st Saturday Gallery Crawl at the Arts Company. Most of the work was from the abandoned photo album series I had at the Tennessee Art Commission Galleries "Skeletons in Closets" back in July '08 with Laura Chenicek. Fun night, tons of people out on a nice, warm night.


Who are the Live Humans? If I cut out the color saturation, it is harder to tell. A two-person exhibit this winter with Atlanta painter Corey Barksdale at Creative Art Guild in Dalton, GA.

Corey's wife and daughter check out Daddy's paintings.

Pre-reception-only flat people.


Another big installation in a long corrider gallery at The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN
Also showing in this cluster of three exhibits was Greg Schlanger and Jodi Hays.


Back in fall '09- winter '10, seven of my people went to The William King Museum in Abingdon, VA for their biennial survey of contemporary art in the Appalachian Highlands, "From These Hills". Mod Squad looks particularly interesting viewed through Travis Graves' "Action and Consequences". There was a ton of really cool emergent work in this exhibit.-video, installation, conceptual pieces using found objects, and bizarre and wonderful photography.