Sunday, January 22, 2017

Quantum Continuum at Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation

 Quantum Continuum at Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation

Watkinsville, GA

Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-4pm thru February 17

I've re-configured this installation in various ways over the last few years-all unique.
Quantum Continuum  charcoal and pastel pencil on plywood, plexiglass
Artist Statement
The concept behind “Quantum Continuum” involves the many theories given to the existence of many, or parallel worlds, both in the disciplines of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics.  They range from solid research that can deliver actual theory-proving data, to the more esoteric work of Lewis and Kripke, which has a tendency to sound like the conversation of a couple of 1960’s era grad students on acid.  Popular media occasionally tries to produce their own version of these theories, from an episode of “Lost in Space” that scared the pants off me when I was a kid by showing characters on the program walking into another world through a special mirror portal, to the recent tv series “Fringe”.  Whether any parts of these theories eventually prove to be true remains to be seen, but with further developments in the world of Quantum Physics, we are constantly reminded that the more we discover, the less we know. 

 I got some great human interaction with the work during the opening reception!
Opening night-people wandering around
I like to turn reception images to monochrome so that it is harder to tell who is real and who is drawn.
Wood Works: A Regional Exhibit, curated by Abraham Tesser,  is in the venue's other gallery, running the same time slot, and it is engrossing! It features the work of over 35 regional woodworkers, turners, and fine artists, including three from Tennessee-Craig Nutt among them.  
Some of my favorites:
Multiple Leonard Piha's to the left, Tad Gloeckler's ROOM- Drawer #D2 -PKDT- S.F. (FR)-(deployed) front center, Cameron Lynden's work on the wall

Two Craig Nutt pieces, center and right

Tad Gloeckler's Fly-Paper Dispenser Rod

Sabitha Mujtaba's Entrance (mirror)

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