Friday, July 17, 2009

More Fractured Wood Pieces

Experimenting with fractured imagery by drawing and ink-jet print transfering on 1" wood blocks and direct printing on squares of paper subbed with digital ground, then stitching them together and treating with wax.
The top is graphite and silver leaf, mounted on plywood covered with blackboard paint and white chalk. The entire piece is encased in a 2" deep frame. Buying this many blocks required having to go to Hobby Lobby, which makes me sick. I go out of my way to avoid patronizing this company, which has no respect for our 1st Amendment rights. They took out one page ads in papers across the country July 4th filled with their selective propaganda. The irony of a company with this attitude dealing with art supplies is fairly bizzare, but the name of the store says it all. I quess they aren't aware of artists who aren't hobbyists.

This one is ink jet transfer on gesso, with chalk text on steel gray heavily textured paper in another deep frame.

Ink jet print on paper prepared with Golden's digital ground. The wax I brush on later stiffens the thread used to stich together the squares. It is mounted on course linen and a strip of Canal (awesome Canadian paper company) rag paper with rows of steel pins-kind of like how they mount Japanese scrolls. I don't like the tiny bit of white paper protruding from the sides, though. X-acto time.


  1. You aren't going to like what I have to say, but I will say it anyway. Hobby Lobby is simply exercising their own 1st Amendment rights. The First Amendment allows for freedom of speech, which is exactly what they are exercising with their ads. We may not all like it, but they have the right to do it. HL is owned/ran by religious people, which is also the reason they are closed on Sundays. They have every right to do this. It is only the government that cannot be based, nor conduct itself on religious grounds. That doesn't extend to businesses.

    I'm not defending Hobby Lobby because they are a religious company. I'm not a religious person, although I do believe in God. I'm defending them because I believe in freedom of speech. I believe that that is one of the greatest things about our country, if not THE greatest. I may not like what every person/company/entity has to say, but I will defend forever their right to say it.

    All that said, I love your art.

  2. They are using freedom of speech to try to eliminate seperation of church and state though, which could be such a bad thing-for religion.