Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Commissions for McGhee Tyson Airport Corporate Offices

McGhee Tyson Airport Commissions

My four pieces for the McGhee Tyson Airport Corporate offices have just been a location most people don't get to go to, so here they are! They are multi layer mixed-media with watercolor on paper, cut paper, wood, plexiglass, archival ink jet prints, and hand built frames with model airplane nose cones and wood propellers. They describe the four main types of travelers. I used as inspiration book and advertisement illustration with a slight suggestion of vintage 1950's/'60's.
Business Traveler
Adventure Traveler
Family Travelers
First Time Travelers
There will also be, at some point, T-shirts available at the airport gift shops with my graphic design versions on them. The airport's graphic designer will be adding the text and logos. T-shirt sales will help to support the superb Arts in the Airport program, run cooperatively by the Knoxville Arts and Culture Alliance with the McGhee Tyson Airport, which has been supporting two exhibits a year in the airport for years now.


  1. Fabulous!!! As always, your work is top-notch and so creative.

  2. As an employee of the Airport Authority, I get to see these every day!! These are amazing!! I am so impressed with the creativity of Ms. Sanabria. I will be purchasing a tshirt!

    1. Thanks you- I want to buy one myself. Eager to see how the airport's graphic designer pulls them all together.