Monday, June 9, 2014

June Exhibit at The Arts Company/Nashville

Culinary Drama

June 2014
The Arts Company, 215 Fifth Avenue of the Arts, Nashville, TN
 Humans do things that amaze, entertain, and occasionally horrify Stewart-Sanabria. If she documented them literally, she would, according to her, probably have constant censorship issues. As a solution to this dilemma, she uses food as a stand in for humans, “figuring that not only would it be amusing, it could even be delicious!” Over the years, she has impaled maraschino cherries on nails, had pears enact Inquisition scenes, and encouraged donuts to enact the seven deadly sins and various fertility rites. This year’s exhibit will offer even more inventive perspectives!
Below is a complete inventory of the exhibit. Battle of Goo Goo Moons, however, was pre-sold to the Tennessee State Museum, and has already been taken there for acquisition processing.
The Battle of Goo Goo Moon    oil on canvas  36” x 36”

Citric Levels    oil on canvas    48” x 60”   
Smashed Watermelon on Midcentury Pink and Avocado Tile oil on panel 30” x 40”

Flying Mangos of the Baroque Palace Ceiling   oil on canvas   40” x 60”

Hot, Smear & Melt   oil on canvas 36” x 48”

Surrounded by Eggplants  oil on canvas   2’ x 4’  

Observation    oil on canvas      3’ x 5’       

Mango Patterns    oil on canvas   21” x 28”   

Twisted Jimmies     oil on canvas    30” x 48” 
                            Binge and Purge  oil on linen  24”H x 48”W                      

Wet Strawberries    acrylic on canvas     4’ x 5’
Muscadines and Scupernogs Squared    oil on canvas  3' x 4'

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