Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Eat Me Two" at Paulk & Co

"Eat me Two" at Paulk & Co

I've got a large group of my food-based paintings in a solo exhibit  at Paulk & Co at 510 Williams Street in Knoxville, TN for the month of March, 2014. We had the opening reception during 1st Friday last night, and the work is available to visit and see for the rest of the month. The staff comes in and out from the office and shop unpredictably, so call Virginia Adams at 865-335-3334 to make an appointment.
Donuts Behaving Badly:Drunks hovers over 2 of Justin Paulk's custom concrete tables
Paulk & Co is an amazing custom commercial and residential fabrication company specializing in concrete, marble and steel. Justin Paulk is a wizard at imagining counters, tables, sinks, shelving,  landscape accents, tiles, and anything else. His partner, Virginia Adams, runs the business side and creates wonderful events in their showroom space. When they asked me to exhibit my paintings with them, they asked what entertainment I'd like them to book with my opening, and logically, I said food.
They booked Sushi Academy of Tennessee to perform, and Jem Farm,  Jim Smith of Rushy Springs Farm. Twelve dozen boxes of donated donuts from Krispy Kreme were an amazing and appreciated addition!

Setting Up

A couple of my life size plywood charcoal drawings of people came along, too. "Karley" is viewing. Justin Paulk is checking out hot sauces.

Donuts Behaving Badly/7 Deadly Sins:Greed between 2 of Paulk's custom fabrications
Jim Smith sets up the most amazing variety of pepper sauces
 Jem Farm sets up in the shop area

No this is not a real machine gun. It uses crayons as bullets, and is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

A detail of a Paulk concrete/marble table top with gear inserts
Virginia Adams mans the bar, made that morning with wrecked Nascar bodies from Preston Farabow's shop

 The Doors Open

We had a ton of fabulous people come by, and it was a terrific reception.
photo courtesy of Kris Rehring-Jones
Kumi Alderman of Sushi Academy doing her magic
 You know when it's time to lock up and go home when men start wearing handmade beer carton hats....
 and cries of "Vive la Résistance! " are heard!


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