Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Nashville Gets High Art Ratings

When Nashville came in 6th in a mylife.com  statistical research analysis to find the top cities for artists to live in, I wasn't surprised. They looked at all kinds of criteria from percentage of job opportunities for artists to cost of living. This put cities like Las Vegas and Austin in the top ten, and NY, NY way down off the top list. One of the things Nashville has done, along with many other cities, is have a percentage of all public building budgets be spent towards original art to be placed within the building as part of the architectural plan. However, this has proved so successful that private businesses, from banks to hotels, have been following suit.

In keeping with this spirit, there is a growing business of art leasing, along with sales, that many local businesses have been using to develop energized and esthetic workplaces. Paramore, the Digital Agency, is one that I just found out has a bunch of my plywood people on lease from my gallery, The Arts Company. I got to see how they look in the Feb. Nashville Arts Magazine article below, which can be read a bit better on their website, Nashville Arts

My plywood people making friends, top picture.

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