Friday, October 18, 2013

Exhibit View- From These Hills: Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachia Highlands, William King Museum

From These Hills, Contemporary Art in the Southern Appalachian Highlands

at the  William King Museum   in Abingdon, VA opened Oct. 17th with a private reception that included a lecture by Steven Maticjio, who chose the 20 regional artists included in the exhibit. Formally curator of SECCA, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, in Winston-Salem, NC, he is now curator of the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center.
This is the William Kings 11th regional biennial of artists working in the Southern Appalachian region of Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. The exhibit will close February 16th, 2014.
So- on to images of the exhibit, with a bit of info on some of the artists I know or whom I've met.

My piece that is included in the exhibit is FD&C Red #40, oil on canvas, 4' x 6'
L-R, DonnaCooper-Hurt, Erin Castellan, Michael Murphy

wall, L-R:Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Erin Castellan, Megan King- Floor:Gwen Bigham, Charlie Brouwer, Taliaferro Logan, Edison Midgett video projection
Another Gwen Bigham- wood and crushed glass

Wall: Jim Toub (prof at Appalachian State), Megan King, Floor: Taliaferro Logan, Edison Midgett video projection (prof. at Appalachian State)
Walls: Nick DeFord (director of studios and programs at Arrowmont), Jeana Eve Klein (blue fiber piece), Robin Johnston (behind people). Floor: IlaSahai Prouty (prof. at Appalachia State)
Nick DeFord, Robert Sulkin (3) (prof at Hollins University)
Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido : The media here included manipulated Cuban Government images!
Megan King, Robin Johnston, (at present artist-in-residence at Penland)
Kirsten Stolle
Jim Toub, Gerry Bannon (2) ball point on mylar!
Edison Midgett, Melanie Norris (2)
Callie Hietala, Director of Museum Programming, and Leila Cartier, Curator, have fun interacting crime scenes between the projector and wax paper screen of Edison Midgett's After Here. Part of the dynamics of the piece is the ability of the viewer to insert themselves into the open ended narrative of the 18 minute video loop.
"The Boys". They were excellent
Mixed peach drink made with Virginia Sweetwater Moonshine. Moonshine has recently been legalized in TN and VA, as far as I know. It's always around various places I go so I'm not sure when that finally happened. I don't drink - I just like to look at it. They've got cinnamon and sugar crystals stuck around the rim. I did invent a sandwich that night with the reception food- cream cheese dip and cole slaw. Not bad!

Participating artists

Gerry Bannan, Roanoke, VA
Gwen Bigham, Asheville, NC
Charlie Brouwer, Wills, VA
Erin Castellan, Asheville, NC
Donna Cooper Hurt, Charleston, SC
Nick DeFord, Knoxville, TN
Robin Johnston, Penland, NC
Megan King, Jonson City, TN
Taliaferro Logan, Roanoke, VA
Jeana Eve Klein, Boone, NC
Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido, Morehead, KY
Edison Midgett, Boone, NC
Michael Murphy, Morristown, TN
Melanie Norris, Asheville, NC
IlaSahai Prouty, Bakersville, NC
Katie Sheffield, Johnson City, TN
Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Knoxville, TN
Kirsten Stolle, Asheville, NC
Robert Sulkin, Roanoke, VA
Jim Toub, Boone, NC

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