Thursday, June 16, 2011

Solo Exhibit, Appalachian Center for Craft at Tennessee Tech

My charcoal drawing on plywood quantum physics Installation "Quantum Confusion", which I'm trying to tour like a hyper Indie Band, will be at Tennessee Tech's Satellite campus, The Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville, TN, until Aug 19th. The center is 6 miles south of the Smithville exit, and the 1st left after the bridge over Caney Fork River, which is massive at that location. The campus is deep in the woods, and is a collection of teaching studio buildings, arranged by media. The main building contains two gallery spaces, a gift shop where you can buy fantastic work from both the faculty and other regional artisans (including some of my friends :-)), and a really, really good cafe. Their hummus salad plate is the best I've ever had.

My installation is in Gallery Two, which means you have to go through the gift shop to get there, and, ha- "Exit Through the Gift Shop" to leave. (Thank you, Banksy!) The gallery architecture is very sculptural-it has a sloping wood slat ceiling with big beams, and an extension area with huge windows looking into the woods.

The lighting makes cool shadows in the back.

Detail. The lighting with the rest of the space in shadows makes reflections really strong.

Gallery One had a Studio Instuctors exhibit-killer glass, ceramic, paintings made from dyed and textured paper pulp, mixed media work, and a cockroach in a tiny silver and copper coffin. I know students who've gone to school here, and they hate to leave. One of my friend's daughters even slept in her car just to afford to be here. I don't blame her-this place is another world.

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