Sunday, February 23, 2014

Closing Reception and Food Tasting Event at Salisbury University


A Juried Food Art Exhibit

I just got back from this event, which was very indulgent. Combining a themed exhibit that focused on art that obsesses on food as both subject, material, and content, with a local gastronomical tasting and competition involving local chefs and eateries was about the best idea ever. I had three of my larger Gastronomical Excess paintings included.
The entrance to Salisbury University Downtown Gallery. Jan Kirsh's resin sculptures filled the windows
panorama of the left gallery alley. My 4' x 4' painting"Polished Key Limes" is 2nd from left
"Flying Mangoes on the Baroque Palace Ceiling" looks down on Evolution Public House's decadent dessert ingredients
closer up to "Flying Mangoes on the Baroque Palace Ceiling"
"Donuts Behaving Badly: Drunks" hovers over grilled scallops with greens and pureed beets
a frame from Anna Garner's single channel video
Installation by Lea Wise-Surguy , foreground, a Kira Greene painting on the wall, and standing in the middle: Maarten Pereboom, Dean of the school of Liberal Arts,  and Marisa Sage,
Galleries Manager.
Torching the marshmallow before adding a sauce that included a reduction from a local beer.
Details from Kira Greene's mixed water media/pencil pieces
A David Willison print behind some kind of fancy bacon dish being plated.
Palette artists include: 
Andi Fink,  Kira Greene, Anna Garner, Alyssa Hayes, Susan Holt, Jan Kirsh, Annell Livingston, Benjamin Madeska, Tim McCourt, Stacy Swinderski, Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Sarah Swist, David Willison, and Lea Wise-Surguy.

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